Silver Lining Marketing


Brand Experience Services & Strategy

We offer advisory services that get results, including business plans, brand strategy, communications, customer experience training,  and CEO thought leadership.

We understand the profound effect that socioeconomic change has on what customers want. We can help you exploit the enormous business opportunities created by demand-side shifts, helping you use your brand more strategically to create long-lasting connections with consumers.

Our data-driven strategies and business plans mirror today’s retail realities, pinpointing the most cost-effective ways to differentiate you from competitors. We sharpen internal and external communications so your team is equipped with messaging that is crystal-clear and on-brand.

Our customer experience training is rooted in best-in-class luxury hospitality to help engage and retain both employees and customers. We ensure personal connections are rooted in mutual respect, with brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing as the happy consequences.

Your competitive edge can be further enhanced with the help of our etiquette training team; respected global hospitality experts who will instill the type of confidence required to successfully connect with customers and colleagues—and maintain that essential competitive edge.

Brand Strategy

Silver Lining’s strategic brand audit highlights your company’s strengths, uncovers your “why” and positions your brand to be an industry leader. Our process mixes research with storytelling to make your brand the obvious solution to your client’s problems. Silver Lining’s engaging brand story tactics captivate customers and employees, giving them a reason to buy into your brand. Our leadership team injects global hospitality and best practices in media and communication to create powerful, memorable brands. We package your unique strengths into a brand playbook that ensures that every member of your company buys into your vision and is unified in fulfilling your brand promise.

Thought Leadership

Are you looking for recognition as a leader in your industry? Silver Lining’s thought leadership coaching is a transformative brand consulting program that creates sought-after industry leaders. We spend time to uncover your unique superpower, getting the heart of your “why” and what you can offer others. We then roll out effective and tailor-made marketing and retail strategies to increase brand recognition for your innovative and pioneering thoughts and actions.


The Silver Lining team is experienced in delivering full-service event design, management and production. We strategically create unique experiences to engage your audience, making your brand memorable. From intimate dinners and curated experiences to fundraising formats, product launches and pop-up activations, our expert event marketing team provides solutions that are scalable and completely customizable to each individual brand.

PR & Communications

At Silver Lining, we create a customized plan that maximizes winning media opportunities. We believe that each brand’s unique history can be crafted into a compelling and engaging story—and our strategy is to architect, amplify and elevate those stories to garner media and community engagement. Whether you’re looking to introduce a new brand to the market, create new buzz and excitement for an existing brand, or expand your audience reach, we are the results-driven communications partner you’ve been looking for.

Social Media Strategy

Through beautiful photography and videography, engaging content, and expert strategy, Silver Lining generates buzz and excitement across all social media platforms. Our approach is built on clearly identified, highly customized pillars that reflect your unique marketing objectives. With this, we’ll help grow your audience, enhance engagement, increase web traffic, and convert more leads to sales.

Customer Experience

Outstanding customer experience creates loyalty and drives word of mouth advertising. It is what separates you from your competitors and drives people to seek out your brand. Silver Lining’s Learning Management System and Train the Trainer curriculum is rooted in industry-leading customer service tactics, proven to engage customers and employees alike. Rooted in the best practices of luxury hospitality, Silver Lining’s customer experience training combines decades of global experience with top luxury brands to transform culture and customer experience.