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Learn How We can Transform your Brand Experience


History tells us that when companies see their brand as an institution, and not just mere marketing—they win big.

We can help your brand grow into something bigger and better by discovering what will make people want to invest time and money into your product or service. We package your spirit and energy to create defining moments that allow you to connect with and captivate your audience—and generate an immediate call to action and lasting loyalty.

At Silver Lining, we highlight your brand’s strengths and help you better use your brand as a strategic tool—forming stronger connections with your customers and finding new markets for your offerings. The result is a major competitive advantage.

Through our extensive experience in global hospitality, communications and strategic consulting, we’ve seen the magic that can happen when an organization comes together with a unified voice and a solid plan. By working collaboratively across your company, we cultivate emotional intelligence, strengthen communication, enrich corporate culture and mindset, and define why customers should invest their time and money with you.

All of this is done to improve employee satisfaction, attract better talent, create efficiencies and increase sales. Our success is found through the irrational desire we create between the consumer and the brand.




alexandra Blum


Alix is a trusted advisor to North American CEOs and their teams, specializing in branding, communications and customer experience. She is an award-winning leader whose work has shaped some of the world’s most respected brands, including Fairmont, Adidas, Saks Fifth Avenue and BMW.


Nancy Ripton

Chief marketing Officer

A former journalist and editor-in-chief, Nancy has a unique approach to content creation and helps brands find their unique story to tell. This best-selling author has the ability to tease out key messaging that will resonate, and package it in a way that tells stories and makes things memorable.


Cathy Newby


Cathy brings an extensive background in branding, copywriting and project management, and has a track record of curating strong brand identities. She project managed the rebrand of Tricon Residential across the US and Canada and was part of the Irvine Company in Southern California for over a decade. 


Julia Grieve

DIRECTOR, Social Media

Founder and Creator of Preloved and a frequent guest on national television networks, this media personality brings over two decades of communications experience to our team. Combined with her success in working with major brands like Anthropologie, Holt Renfrew, Urban Outfitters, and more.


Corrina Mosca

Senior manager, client and Creative Services

A media arts specialist, this copywriting and design whiz packages branded materials in an aesthetically-pleasing, highly engaging manner. Her goal is to help our clients differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out from the crowd.


Tara Anderson

Director, Communications & PR

A strategic and entrepreneurial communications professional, Tara brings her international perspective and passion for hospitality to Silver Lining’s clients. With extensive agency experience working with luxury brands like Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Holt Renfrew, and other top brands in beauty and real estate, Tara has her finger on the pulse of savvy communications to effectively engage with the world’s most discerning consumers.


Anne Bokma


Anne is an award-winning journalist who has written for top international magazines and newspapers. She is the author of the memoir, My Year of Living Spiritually: One Woman’s Secular Quest for a More Soulful Life, which won two literary awards. She brings a creative and compelling story-telling technique to the brands she represents. 


Liloo Alim


The first female head concierge at a major Canadian hotel chain, Liloo held the helm as Chef Concierge the Four Seasons Toronto for almost four decades. A Les Clefs d’Or member, Liloo brings her passion for service to Silver Lining’s customer experience training.


Mia Viva

Creative Services Associate

After graduating from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design, Mia has focused on design, marketing and illustration. She has created packaging solutions for a major Canadian brewery and branding solutions for a luxury property developer and high-end retailers.